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A Web3 Development & Launch Platform
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Get into disruptive crypto gaming projects and NFTs at the "ground-floor". Discover & access projects early. Be part of a growing ecosystem.



Gain awareness from a crowd of enthusiastic supporters to promote your vision or NFT creation. The development you need to amplify your entire launch.


Exclusive Nft Collection

WhaleStarter will release a uniquely limited NFT Collection. These will provide early foundation supporters special benefits including private alpha groups and other exclusive deals.

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WhaleStarter is a Web3 Development Provider with an upcoming launch platform for NFTs & crypto games.

Furthermore, we provide done-for-you alpha for NFT collectors & crypto traders who are looking for unique "insider" market advantages via our private membership. NFT passholders get access to weekly shotcalls, trading strategy content, and benefit from partnership deals. We believe in arming members with true alpha in the volatile crypto market.

It's no secret. The most explosive projects and best value are for people who discover them early. However, new projects are ultimately reserved for venture capitalists, well-connected "in crowd", and the “already” well-to-do. Not the average crypto enthusiast.

Current IDO platforms are incomplete. Focusing only on fundraising, most platforms don't address the many time-consuming needs. Hiring teams, smart-contract creation, and security audits just to name a few.

Our philosophy is quite different.

Over $15m Raised With Custom Solutions. Your Best-In-Class Developer.

WhaleStarter is a full Launch-As-A-Service provider, an upgrade from the standard launch model. Crypto startups work with our team of skilled crypto experts who can customize development solutions. You bring the vision. We create it.

We've created customized presale app solutions that have been used to raise over $15m BUSD for clients. Without a hitch.

In order to achieve this, we focus our services on the following core principals: Development, Security, Promotion, and Launch.

Refer to our services page for more details.

As an ecosystem, we essentially become the whale together. Are you in?”

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The WhaleStarter Membership

WhaleStarter caters to both crypto NFT creators and enthusiastic traders.

However, our WhaleStarter Membership will be strictly used by traders and crypto enthusiasts to gain access to our private Alpha Group and other priority in our ecosystem. Here, we'll provide private content not seen anywhere else. This way, our members will be given an unfair advantage in the NFT & crypto market.

NFT holders will be given priority over non-holders within our community.


Exclusive Deals and Tools

Discover and access upcoming crypto game projects, NFTs, trading tools, and other deals. Never miss a thing.

Private Alpha Group & Content

Discover alpha on our private channels, potential collab partnership access, and exclusive content to give you the tools for successful trading.

Launch Ecosystem

With the development of our launch platform, NFT holders will be given priority benefits for internal project deals, discounts, and whitelist for our platform. Priority is given for NFT passholders within the WhaleStarter ecosystem.



There are 3 main tiers for access to our private alpha group:

VIP Membership - These are reserved for "Golden Top Hat" holders, who are given top priority access to the entire private group with additional privileges. Including top whitelisting privileges, and deals for internal projects.

Regular Membership - These are the common holders, who will be given priority and access to our alpha group below VIP.

Non-NFT Members - Anyone who is not an NFT holder will be able to join our channels for free. However, no private content nor exclusive deals are available at this tier group. Non-NFT members may eventually gain access via merit-based activities.

WhaleStarter's NFT membership is designed to give alpha trading advantages. For full details, please visit our Discord and NFT page for further information.